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Alex's Diary 3

Just when I thought my life couldn’t get any crazier I get kidnapped. By Siegfried, of all people.

I don’t have my diary (or anything of mine) with me right now but I have to get some thoughts written out. Borrowing a notebook from Justin.

So apparently, Siegfried was hired by someone known only as “Boris” to kill me. I suspect that this “Boris” is working for someone else, maybe my family. Anyway, I guess Siegfried, Murdock, and Harper came up with a plan to kidnap me and fake my death, and then keep me safe until they could figure out who put the hit out on me. Like I’m a helpless princess or something. I was kinda perturbed that they didn’t run the plan by me before randomly breaking into my apartment, throwing around smoke grenades, and knocking me out to take me to a “safehouse” in a storage unit. I may be young, but I’m no damsel in distress. I left the storage unit when I could and met up with Justin. However, Murdock and Harper managed to find me, using some sort of tracking spell presumably. They demanded that I go with them. I know that they were just trying to keep me safe, but Justin didn’t know who they were. Trying to be protective, he threatened them with a gun. It was tense, but we all ultimately made it back to the storage unit unscathed, Justin in tow because he refused to leave me.

Siegfried was at the safehouse, completely beat to hell. Apparently some crazy stuff went down at the hotel when he headed back to Boris to discuss the job. Instead of finding his contact there, Siegfried clashed with some SWAT guys in what was apparently a pretty tough fight. I feel bad that he went through all that for me, but I didn’t really get a chance to talk to him then. Had to distract Justin while Harper performed some sort of healing magic on Siegfried. Afterward, Justin suggested we use his place as a safehouse so that’s where we are now.

Having a non-clued-in human around kinda complicates things. We have to dance around certain topics of conversation or leave the room to discuss things. I don’t think we should tell him anything, and I hope he doesn’t get involve more than he already is. I especially don’t want him to know about me, what I really am.

On a lighter note, Siegfried made me breakfast this morning. That was unexpected, but nice.

Today, I guess we’re trying to figure out our next move. Well, I guess I’m not moving anywhere for the time being.

Yeah oh, and my car was destroyed. Again. They freakin’ blew up my car! Don’t know how I’m going to explain this one to the insurance company.



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