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In my line of work...

It seems like everything happens in a far more extravagant display than one would hope.
Giovanni DeLicci is dead. The White Court now has a new leader by the name of Angel, and she seems to at least be moderately less menacing than that of her father.
Some part of me feels like my anger is satiated by his death… But it wasn’t Him. So long as He is still alive, my blood runs hot at the mere mention of the Court.
Yet… despite them being the things I hate most, something about Alex seems to be different. She has far from earned my trust, but I don’t sense the same kind of hunger from her. Or maybe it is just suppressed. I don’t know.
Recent events are leading me to believe there is more trouble in this area than originally believed. I finally am starting to understand why Harper couldn’t keep in contact. It was for my safety.
The forest has had disturbing amounts of magical energies surrounding it recently, and I have only scratched the surface. I don’t know if I will like what I find.
I hope to return soon, it has been months since I have seen your face.

Sigfried has started working for Alex at the Arctic, and seems to enjoy it. His feelings for her are obvious, but knowing the nature of her kind, I feel like it will only end in pain, even if she were to reciprocate. We would know, wouldn’t we?
I don’t know what happened to Murdock. Probably in his forest investigating “mysterious alligator attacks.” Despite him consistently throwing me under the bus, I can’t say I disliked him though.

-Sincerely Yours,



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