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Jotting in the notepad because awkward silence.

I had the best night of my life. Then I had the worst morning of my life. Less than twelve hours between the two. Are you shitting me?

But, man, was it ever the best, by a hundred miles. Alex, well, she knows what she’s doing, that’s for sure. It was weird, at first, with her so focused on it, with white eyes. But, it’s like she knew I wanted her on top, knew it was my favorite. Maybe her powers let her see into that kind of thing. I almost lost it way too damn quick, but there was something that just kept me going. I dunno. The important thing is we were there, together, having each other. No purer expressions than fighting and fucking…no, that’s not right. It was more than just animal noises with a living valkyrie, the kind of girls I’m into, more than blowing off steam after blowing things up. Well, at first, with her white eyes, she seemed to be treating it like that, and I guess I was, too. I feel stupid, now, just letting her use me for food so I could get close to her.

Eventually, I started feeling what she was doing to me. Feeding. I was heavy, the aches from the fight with Totem Sucker and her amateur goons became all the more pronounced, and I was cold. The kind of frost I thought only Suki could send up my spine. But, I also saw that she was coming down from that high, the ride of a series of psychic orgasms coming to an end. Her eyes went back to normal. Gorgeous blues. I get compliments for my eyes all the time, my only really good feature as far as I’m concerned, but hers blow mine out of the park. Crystal clear ocean water I wanted to dive into, be surrounded by. So, I did, in a matter of speaking. I threw her on her back and showed her my appreciation.

We were separate when that…thing possessing her was running the show, White-Eyes, but then we were one, two Blue-Eyes trying to occupy the same space and doing a damn good job of it. Like organic clockwork, rolling and falling into place at exactly the right places at exactly the right times. She was working her hips perfectly and our lips wanted to melt together. Had to stop kissing when she started having another orgasm rollercoaster. The good, natural kind, with her voice and not a demon using her voice to talk dirty to me, and her own eyes staring at me with that weird look women tend to put on, that’s both skeptical and thankful at the same time, when you do it right. We kept going until we literally just couldn’t any more, not even having enough energy to say another word before we passed out.

So, yeah, I got one night of legendary connection with this girl who makes my chest so warm I’m afraid it’ll trigger my old giantblood allergies, and now my socks could literally burn her to death. Not even sure she’ll be able to wear those knuckle-dusters I gave her any more. We used to joke and call them “Lust” and “Hate,” playing on the knucks of that goofy boombox guy in that Spike Lee movie she had to watch for school. Now something I gave her because I cared probably hates her. What we’ve done, how we feel – objects that should be saving her life are going to kill her. The woman I love, the only thing I even find myself remotely caring about any more, loves me back, and suddenly that makes me poison to her. Best night and worst morning of my life. Less than twelve hours. What a joke. Justice has left the building.

Don’t get me started on Cyril trying to lecture us about this. Angel barely warrants a mention, either. With the mood I’m in, I’m liable to tear through both of them like tissue paper. Only reason I’m putting up with his shit for now is because I am genuinely worried about Mica. Of course, my temper didn’t stay in check for long, and I tried to lay him out. Pompous asshole ripped up a piece of sidewalk with his magic to block, just to show me up. That’s like building a bunker to protect him from kids throwing eggs. Hand is still throbbing as I write this. Fucking limey, inselaffen douchebag. I’m gone the second I’m sure the kid’s going to be okay, otherwise he might throw a fireball in response to me sneezing.

Although, come to think of it, I have incurred quite a few expenses since Cyril showed up. Gas, bullets, wrecked bike, labor. Something to keep in mind, especially if I’m going to keep my word and treat this kid to a real meal.



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