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Season 2 End

“Are you ok?” Alex heard Siegfried ask her.
She stared blankly across the grass of the massive lawn. Without looking at him, she answered, “I’m not sure.”
Cyril went over to where Mica lay limp on the ground. “He’s still breathing, but just barely,” the wizard said. “I’m going to bring him back to my place. Quickly, let’s go.” He lifted the raccoon boy gently and started walking toward the cars.
“Mmgh,” Alex grumbled, closing her eyes and rubbing her face. “I’m hungry.”
“Well, we could maybe stop by somewhere on the way. . . .” Siegfried started to say but
then paused, studying Alex. “Oh, that kind of hungry.”
Alex opened her eyes and looked at Siegfried. Her blue eyes were starting to turn white,
her gaze taking on a slightly feral look.
“You need to feed now, I’m guessing,” Siegfried commented.
Alex nodded without saying anything.
He looked toward his car. “Well I could—“
“I can call somebody,” Alex quickly interrupted him.
Siegfried starting walking to his car. Alex followed, her breathing becoming more
labored as she fought to hold back her dark side.
They reached the car and Siegfried hesitated a moment, his hand resting on the door
handle. “Or you could have me,” he said quietly.
Alex’s eyes, paler than they were a moment ago, shifted to see Cyril and Algowayne
getting into the wizard’s old muscle car. She then turned her gaze on Siegfried. “To my place,” she said.

Siegfried and Alex arrived at her townhouse in record time. Alex quickly unlocked the
front door and they stepped inside. While it was not quite evening yet and the late afternoon sun still shone brightly outside, it was very dim inside the townhouse. All the blinds and curtains were drawn, solemnly guarding against the light.
Alex turned to lock the door from the inside, her back to Siegfried. “Are you sure
about this?” she asked, shaking slightly.
She felt his hand lay gently on her shoulder. “I’m sure,” Siegfried said softly.
Alex turned back to him, her eyes completely white now, and she pounced, wrapping her legs around his waist and kissing him fiercely.
Siegfried stumbled back a few steps but held her tightly in his arms, returning the kiss with equal passion. He staggered into the kitchen and pushed Alex onto the counter top. They frantically pulled each other’s shirts off, kissing and touching bare skin.
At last they made it to the bedroom. Alex pushed Siegfried onto her bed with inhuman strength and stripped off the remainder of his clothes, her own being long gone. She sprung on top of him, her hands on his bare chest. Her hips rolled rhythmically as she rode him, her nails digging into his flesh as she cried out in ecstasy.
Siegfried ran his hands over Alex’s bare torso, reveling the moment. He shook and moaned beneath her, and finally flung an arm around her and flipped Alex on her back, reversing their position.
Time had no meaning to them. Their entire universe consisted solely of each other and blind pleasure. Alex screamed and moaned as her demon gorged itself on the burning lust that blazed between her and Siegfried. The succubus had its fill, and Alex returned to herself, white eyes fading back into crystalline light blue. Then what was merely sex and feeding became something deeper and more powerful. They were two people making love instead of predator and prey, just as intense but more personal.
A final climax of screaming passion and then blackness. . . . .

A field of wild grass and flowers. The setting sun igniting the sky with a blend of orange, pink, and red. Alex brushed her hands against the tall grass as it sway in the gentle breeze. Sensing a presence, she turned. A silhouette of a man against the flaming light. As he drew closer, Alex could see that it was Siegfried. He had a large axe strapped to his back, and he was wearing handsome leather armor emblazoned with intricate designs. It looked like he’d just been through a battle, but there was a smile on his face.
“Alex” he said tenderly as he approached her. He took her hands in his and knelt down on one knee in front of her.
A mix of emotion stirred around inside her as the wind teased her unbound hair. Her heart pounded wildly in her chest. She felt Siegfried squeeze her hands slightly. His smile widened and Alex could see the affection he felt for her in his blue eyes. Her fears and anxiety melted away, and she returned his smile, excitement and joy growing inside her.
“I have something to ask you,” Siegfried said.
Excited butterflies in her stomach, Alex gazed at him expectantly. . . .

And was audibly assaulted by a tinny-sounding version of Ride of the Valkyries. Alex groaned in annoyance and rubbed at her eyes. Ignoring the still form beside her, she rolled out of the disheveled bed to locate the source of the music. Still naked, she tested her previously broken arm, and padded over to a messy pile of Siegfried’s clothes on the floor. ‘Right, Siegfried’s phone’, she thought hazily.
As she grabbed the cloth of Siegfried’s pants, an intense burning sensation on cause her to jerk her hand away and cry out in pain. She turned her hand over to see her fingers discolored with burn marks. Her chest suddenly felt like it was in a vice. “Oh no,” she breathed. Siegfried’s phone had stopped ringing, and she could now hear her own phone going off in another part of the house.
Alex quickly made her way to the kitchen where her cellphone clattered around in the sink as it vibrated. She pulled it out and answered it.
“Hello?” she said, still a little groggy.
“Check for a pulse,” said a stern and unhappy voice.
“What? Cyril. . .”
“Make sure he is breathing,” Cyril cut her off.
Alex hurried back to the bedroom where Siegfried was lying on the bed, half covered with a rumpled sheet. His chest rose and fell with his breath but it seemed a bit too shallow.
“I can’t check for a pulse, but I know he’s alive,” Alex said into the phone.
“I need you both alive and functioning properly. Get here now,” Cyril demanded, and hung up.
Alex sighed and dropped her phone on the floor. She approached the bed, studying Siegfried. Sliding the bed sheet between her hand and his bare arm, she shook him gently.
“Hey, Siegfried. Wake up.”
He grumbled unintelligible and turned his head away from her.
“Come on,” Alex said, shaking him again.
Siegfried’s eyes fluttered open. “Mm. What time is it?” he mumbled.
Alex glanced at the digital clock on her bedside table. “About 2:00 PM. Your phone is on the floor under your clothes, by the way.”
“Oh,” he commented and attempted to sit up but fell back onto the bed, clutching his head. “Oh,” he said again, this time out of pain that showed on his face. “Why do I have such a headache?”
“Well, I did consume part of your soul,” Alex responded, struggling to keep emotion out of her voice. “Would you like some coffee?”
Siegfried nodded.
“Strong coffee, I’m guessing?”
He nodded again.
“Ok,” Alex said and headed out of the bedroom, not bothering to put any clothes on.
In the kitchen Alex’s hands were shaking as she prepared the coffee, nearly dumping ground coffee all over the counter. Waiting for the coffee to brew, a few tears rolled down her cheeks. She wiped them away with an unsteady hand, and took a mug from the cabinet. Pouring the coffee she took a few deep breaths and steadied herself. She regained her composure and headed back to the bedroom with the full mug.
Siegfried was still in bed but had his phone in his hand when Alex returned. She set the mug down on the bedside table and pulled her hand away faster than was humanly possible.
Siegfried looked at her. “Looks like you’re doing well.”
Alex shifted her gaze away from him. “Yeah. Arm’s not broken anymore.” She started to walk towards the closet but stepped on one of Siegfried’s socks that was laying on the floor. “Ow!” she yelled reflexively.
“What did you do?” asked Siegfried, sitting up in bed, mug in hand.
“I stepped on your sock,” Alex responded, slightly annoyed and rubbing her foot.
Siegfried’s brow furrowed in confusion. “Why did that hurt you?”
Alex looked at him. “Because it’s yours.”
“What?” Siegfried then noticed the burn marks on her skin, and his confusion turned to concern. “What happened?”
Alex sighed. “Siegfried,” she began softly. “Do you remember that man at the strip club who gave me that handkerchief that burned by hand? Remember what I said that could hurt me like that, and I couldn’t heal from it?”
“The care-bear stare?”
Alex glared at him.
“That’s what I said when you first told me about it, yeah. . . .” Siegfried trailed off, his expression growing more serious. “Are you saying. . . .?”
Alex said nothing but gave him a significant look.
Siegfried gripped his head. “Goddamnit!”
Alex continued to the closet and began getting dressed. “Cyril called. He wants us over at his place.”
Siegfried gathered his clothes from the floor and started putting them on. “How are you taking this so well?”
Alex paused for a moment and then turned toward Siegfried. “Don’t you think it bothers me every day that I’m a vampire?” She went back to her closet. “I just deal with it, I guess.”
Siegfried sighed, still frustrated, and started putting on his clothes in silence. He sat back down on Alex’s bed when he was fully dressed. He looked at Alex again. “Did we fuck up?”
Gathering up her phone, keys, and wallet, Alex shook her head. “I don’t know,” she answered gently. “But we should get going.”
“Alright,” Siegfried said, irritation creeping into his voice. “But if Cyril says anything about this, I’m going to punch him.”
“He kinda already did on the phone,” Alex commented.
“Well, he better not say one more goddamn thing about it.”
They headed out of the house to Siegfried’s car, neither of them saying anything more. Alex went to grab the car-door handle but hesitated.
Siegfried, standing at the driver’s side looked over at her. “What?”
“I don’t know if it will hurt me,” Alex said. She tested the handle quickly with her fingertips. No searing pain erupted on her fingers, so she carefully opened the door. She glanced over at Siegfried. “Seems to okay.”
Siegfried nodded, and they both got into the car. The radio was on, playing rock music. They didn’t say much on the way to Cyril’s.



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