Siegfried Jotunsen


High Concept:
Globe-Trotting Mercenary


Other Aspects:
Former Frost Giant Changeling
My Faerie Lady
With Friends Like These…
Arctic Security Chief
Modern-Day Viking
Knows Alex’s Secret Lineage

(5) Superb – Guns, Fists
(4) Great – Might, Athletics
(3) Good – Intimidate, Contacts
(2) Fair – Discipline, Resources, Endurance
(1) Average – Alertness, Presence, Conviction, Drive, Stealth

[-1] Arcane Networking: Use Contacts instead of Lore for knowing about people, places, and things in the magical community. Given time to contact relatives or associates by phone or Internet, use Contacts for further researching magical things.
[-1] Self-Defenestrator: Gain +2 to Athletics when mitigating self-inflicted falling damage.
[-1] Militarized Pitching: Use Guns instead of Weapons for weapons designed to be thrown, such as grenades or balanced knives.
[-1] Martial Arts: Make assessments or declarations regarding fighting styles and physical abilities/handicaps using the Fists skill.
[-1] Norse Pugilist: Use Fists instead of Weapons for making attacks with swords and axes.
[-1] Military Pugilist: Use Fists instead of Weapons for making attacks with knives and using guns as improvised melee weapons.
[-1] Ruthless Fighter: Gain +3 when tagging an opponent’s aspects to augment Fists attacks, instead of +2.
[-1] Ragnarok Strike: Spend a Fate point when hitting with a Fists attack to inflict a physical consequence in addition to any normal damage.
[-1] Jotun Grip: Gain a +2 to Might rolls when initiating or maintaining a grapple.
[-1] Big Mistake: Give up the next main action to apply a sticky Maneuver to the attacker after a successful Fists defense.


Siegfried is a member of the wealthy and rather eccentric Jotunsen clan, who seem to consider war the family business, but he has recently severed ties with most of the family. He is Danish by nationality, though his extensive globe-trotting has left his accent a mere undertone to his speech.
Like all of the Jotunsen family, he was born out of the union between a creature of the Winter Court and a human. In most cases, including Siegfried’s, this is a frost giant. He made the Choice to become pure mortal after Harper’s death. The transformation from half-giant to mortal was not particularly dramatic, but it deprived him of the signature Jotunsen white hair. His hair is now a warm shade of golden blonde. Siegfried still racially identifies with fey, even though he has forsaken his bond to the Winter Court.
Having toured in Germany’s Federal Defense Force, the French Foreign Legion, and several Private Military Contractors including Blackwater International, Siegfried’s training in modern weapons and tactics is extensive. Likewise, his family has instructed him in the Old ways of warfare since he was strong enough to lift a sword or pull back a bow’s string. He has blended both into his own technique, often wearing modern ballistic armor and aiming down the sights of an assault rifle while a battleaxe or longsword hangs from his belt or across his back.

Siegfried Jotunsen

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