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In my line of work...

It seems like everything happens in a far more extravagant display than one would hope.
Giovanni DeLicci is dead. The White Court now has a new leader by the name of Angel, and she seems to at least be moderately less menacing than that of her father.
Some part of me feels like my anger is satiated by his death… But it wasn’t Him. So long as He is still alive, my blood runs hot at the mere mention of the Court.
Yet… despite them being the things I hate most, something about Alex seems to be different. She has far from earned my trust, but I don’t sense the same kind of hunger from her. Or maybe it is just suppressed. I don’t know.
Recent events are leading me to believe there is more trouble in this area than originally believed. I finally am starting to understand why Harper couldn’t keep in contact. It was for my safety.
The forest has had disturbing amounts of magical energies surrounding it recently, and I have only scratched the surface. I don’t know if I will like what I find.
I hope to return soon, it has been months since I have seen your face.

Sigfried has started working for Alex at the Arctic, and seems to enjoy it. His feelings for her are obvious, but knowing the nature of her kind, I feel like it will only end in pain, even if she were to reciprocate. We would know, wouldn’t we?
I don’t know what happened to Murdock. Probably in his forest investigating “mysterious alligator attacks.” Despite him consistently throwing me under the bus, I can’t say I disliked him though.

-Sincerely Yours,

Alex's Diary 6

Music: Avengers Assemble

He’s dead. He’s actually gone. It didn’t think it would ever happen, but I saw my father shot dead, his brains splattered all over the back lawn of his estate.

I should be happy. I should be relieved and at peace. But it isn’t that simple. I mean, yes, it is a weight off my mind, but I feel conflicted. I was prepared to fight against him the rest of my life. His existence is actually what kept me from taking my own life all those years ago. I felt I had to stay alive to protect this community from him. Now that he isn’t here, what’s my purpose?

Well, I guess there will always be strange and evil creatures that need defeating. Like that Denarian. And I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on Angel. I guess she’s assuming the position of power in the family. Even though she helped us take out our father, I still don’t fully trust her. I doubt Cyril does either, but I think he may be warming up to me at least. I wouldn’t say that we’re close friends or anything, but I feel he’s less suspicious of me.

That fight at my father’s estate had taken a lot out of us. I know it had taken a pretty heavy toll on me, at least, physically and emotionally. After the struggle in the gardens, I visited my old bedroom. It was strange to be back there, the first place I had ever killed an innocent mortal, the place where I turned into what I am now. Those sordid memories sapped away what little strength I seemed to have left in me. Siegfried came to me though, and carried me out in his arms. It felt nice to be cared for. . . .

After the adrenaline of the fight wore off, we were all pretty hungry. We ended up going to a local shawarma joint. While we were there, a messenger delivered a large, manila envelope to me. The way my life has been going recently, I half-expected it to exploded in my face the second I opened it. It didn’t, however, and it turned out to be official documents making me the new owner of Angel’s Arctic nightclub. So that’s interesting. Been busy learning how to run the place. I’ve been considering asking Siegfried if he’d like to be head of security for the club. I think he’d be a good candidate for the position. He definitely doesn’t take crap from anyone, and he’s no stranger to the magical and supernatural stuff, should any of that occur. Also, I wouldn’t mind him hanging around where I can see him all the time. Of course, that may incur more wrath from Suki. Her and I may end up exchanging blows at some point. Kinda surprised it hasn’t happened already. . . .

Well anyway, it feels as if a new chapter of my life has just begun. So many things have changed, and a lot of things have happened that I didn’t expect. I still intend on finishing school, getting my bachelor’s in psychology. Not sure if I’ll have time to keep my job at the strip club. I may not need to work there to feed if I could perhaps privately entertain a few guests at the Arctic every now and then. . . . I don’t know, we’ll see. I’m still kinda reeling from the recent events, and it may take some time for me to sort all this out. I guess I’ll see how this new chapter plays out. . . .

Alex's Dream

The lights down low, the curtains drawn. The scent from the red roses on the vanity fill the air. Quiet now, hidden away in the bedroom. Finally alone together. Red satin dress and a white button-up shirt lay next to each other on the floor.

His lips so soft, his body so warm. Sweat trickles down his bare chest. Pupils dilated in passion.

So eager. He yearns for it. Willing prey, he lies down on the queen-size bed.

Desire burns. Take him. . . .

Oh, ambrosial lust! Feels so good. So easy. . . .

Take him. . . . Take him!


Alex's Diary 5

Music: Evanescence

So, it’s been about four months since the duel and Harper’s passing, and things have actually been kinda quiet. Until today, when once again the proverbial crap hit the fan.

First of all, there’s a new warden in town. I guess he’s supposed to fill Harper’s position, but of course no one could ever replace him. His name’s Cyril Stafford, from England. Angel insisted on meeting him at the train station today to introduce ourselves. I don’t think Siegfried and Murdock were too thrilled about meeting Harper’s “replacement.” I know I wasn’t. But the meeting was pretty civil, until guess who shows up. My father, Giovanni DeLicci. He personally invited us to a ball at his estate taking place tonight. I refused, of course. I despise going there. The others are going, and Angel even enlisted Siegfried as her bodyguard for the event. I think she’s getting too friendly with him. I caught her tempting him as they were getting dressed for the ball. I swear I’ll kill her if she tries that again. . . . .

I’m getting tired of these jobs she’s having me do also. Today, Murdock and I went talk to a guy that had been bothering one the girls at the Arctic club. When we got to his house, no one was home but there were three dead bodies in the bedroom and blood all over the room with some strange symbols. More weird stuff, big surprise. Tonight, I’m tasked with breaking into a “bank” that father uses as a front for his business. Just hope it goes better than the last time I broke into a building for Angel. With any luck, no one will try to kill me this time.

And speaking of people that might want me dead: I got a visit from Suki this morning. Yeah, a dangerous, manipulative, scary fairy chick was in my house. She demanded that I stay away from Siegfried. Way too possessive. She did, however, make me a pretty tempting offer. She offered me the one thing I want more than anything in this world: to be human. Suki promised that if I never see Siegfried again, she could cure me of my vampirism. I’m still not sure if I’d take her up on the offer. I don’t even know if she can really do that. Give up seeing Siegfried to be human? Not sure if I want to give him up. . . . .

Well, I gotta get ready to break into a bank. Guess I should return Justin’s call also.

“Screaming, deceiving and bleeding for you, and you still won’t hear me.”

Just After The Duel...

Siegfried stormed away from the freshly flash-frozen raceway, seething with impotent rage, his eyes burning with moisture. He was dimly aware that someone was shouting behind him, but did not turn. It wasn’t the voice he wanted to hear, so he focused on the odd tingling in his hair and the extra effort it seemed to take just to walk in his now apparently mortal body. It wasn’t until the voice was suddenly right next to him that he gave a sidelong glance to his left and saw Murdock standing beside him.

“Hey, Siegfried,” the park ranger shouted, apparently a little agitated at being ignored, “You forgot this.” In Murdock’s hands was the oppressively large and morbid Jotunsen heirloom sword, Vhitingr. Siegfried took the offered blade by the hilt and looked at Murdock with an incredulous, evaluating stare. Ever stoic, the werealligator didn’t seem too broken up about Harper’s death at first glance, but the trembling of Murdock’s chin and the tension in his jaw became noticeable under extended scrutiny.

“Uh, thanks,” was all Siegfried could think to say. He then thought of more, but was promptly distracted by the feeling of a thousand daggers piercing his hands and wrists, with thousands more starting to carve their way up his forearms. The savage cold washed over him like a tide, and he limply dropped the sword to the ground, giving a choked cry of pain. The icy burn immediately began to subside, then, as he rubbed his hands and stared at the weapon in utter confusion.

“Dude, what’s wrong,” Murdock asked, looking equally dumbfounded by the event.

“Just keep that thing the hell away from me,” Siegfried growled, and then stubbornly returned to walking off to Odin-knows-where.

“Jesus. What the fuck ever, Zig,” cursed Murdock in sheer exasperation. Friendship and understanding only went so far after the strain of the day’s disastrous events, and Siegfried’s fit was not helping Murdock’s mood. Quite the opposite. The weregator grabbed the sword and held it up, making a nasty face at the mercenary’s retreating back. Murdock felt nothing from the sword that would cause him to drop it. Quite the opposite. It thrummed with potential that urged him to keep it. To wield it.

Alex's Diary 4

Music: Schiller

It’s been awhile since I’ve written anything, and I finally found the desire and the time to write again. A lot of big things have happened recently and I feel that I need to get it all out on paper.

For starters, I’m living with my sister Angelina now, helping her with some things. I know I’m probably crazy for doing it but at least she despises father as much as I do. Of course, that’s pretty much where our similarities end. We definitely don’t see eye to eye when it comes to the treatment of humans. It’s been a challenge living with her, but not all bad, I guess. I’ve got access to more resources than when I was living on my own. I even got a new car, which hopefully won’t be destroyed anytime in the near future. And another somewhat positive note: while on an information gathering mission for Angelina, I managed to take out one of our other sisters, Natalia. She tried to shoot me, so I crushed her head in, and now world is free from one more vampire.

However, I think my sister is influencing me more than I thought she could. I still think I’m fairly disciplined when it comes to my Hunger, but Angelina has been tempting me a lot, having me go to her club, bringing home extremely attractive men. She keeps pushing me to feed, giving all sorts of reasons. I guess that feeding more often would help me keep up my strength that I’ll need to defend the community. . . . I still have my job at the strip club, and I haven’t taken anyone’s life with my feeding, but sometimes it just feels harder and harder to maintain control. I don’t want to hurt someone. Like maybe Siegfried. . . . .

Siegfried. He finally had his duel with his family’s rival. He didn’t win or lose, but he’s now mortal. He gave up his magical abilities and his faerie birthright and became human. Not sure if he ever had thought about doing it before, but I think Harper’s death influenced his decision.

Yes, Harper is no longer with us. While at the duel, we were ambushed by some Black Court vampires. Harper sacrificed himself to save us. I was never particularly close to him, but I’d like to think that he was my friend, and I do miss him. Just can’t really believe he’s gone. We couldn’t bury him or anything because the White Council came and took his body. We all will mourn him, of course.

Now I don’t know what to do, what to think. I feel kinda numb, I guess. All these changes are weighing on me, and I don’t know how long I can bear the pressure. My mind keeps going back to Harper’s death. . . . and the memory of Siegfried’s kiss. . . . Guess I should listen to that voicemail he left me. . . .

“Thoughts of you by my side are starting to fade. I know that you should be mine so I won’t let go.”

A Message in Alex's Voice Mail

“Hey…It’s Siegfried. Uh, I guess your phone probably told you that already all the other times I called. And hung up. Sorry. …Damn, this isn’t as easy as I thought it would be. The answer machine, I mean. You texted me about a service for Harper. I’ll go, but I feel…I don’t think I could talk about this when we were remembering a man. …I didn’t want to say it when he was lying there, either. It wasn’t the time. …I kissed you. That’s what I want to talk about. …I did it because I l-…you’re beautiful. You’re a good fighter. Everything you do is graceful. You’re dangerous, but don’t want to be. …I don’t get it, but it’s…interesting? Anyway, yeah…Bye.”

Alex's Diary 3

Just when I thought my life couldn’t get any crazier I get kidnapped. By Siegfried, of all people.

I don’t have my diary (or anything of mine) with me right now but I have to get some thoughts written out. Borrowing a notebook from Justin.

So apparently, Siegfried was hired by someone known only as “Boris” to kill me. I suspect that this “Boris” is working for someone else, maybe my family. Anyway, I guess Siegfried, Murdock, and Harper came up with a plan to kidnap me and fake my death, and then keep me safe until they could figure out who put the hit out on me. Like I’m a helpless princess or something. I was kinda perturbed that they didn’t run the plan by me before randomly breaking into my apartment, throwing around smoke grenades, and knocking me out to take me to a “safehouse” in a storage unit. I may be young, but I’m no damsel in distress. I left the storage unit when I could and met up with Justin. However, Murdock and Harper managed to find me, using some sort of tracking spell presumably. They demanded that I go with them. I know that they were just trying to keep me safe, but Justin didn’t know who they were. Trying to be protective, he threatened them with a gun. It was tense, but we all ultimately made it back to the storage unit unscathed, Justin in tow because he refused to leave me.

Siegfried was at the safehouse, completely beat to hell. Apparently some crazy stuff went down at the hotel when he headed back to Boris to discuss the job. Instead of finding his contact there, Siegfried clashed with some SWAT guys in what was apparently a pretty tough fight. I feel bad that he went through all that for me, but I didn’t really get a chance to talk to him then. Had to distract Justin while Harper performed some sort of healing magic on Siegfried. Afterward, Justin suggested we use his place as a safehouse so that’s where we are now.

Having a non-clued-in human around kinda complicates things. We have to dance around certain topics of conversation or leave the room to discuss things. I don’t think we should tell him anything, and I hope he doesn’t get involve more than he already is. I especially don’t want him to know about me, what I really am.

On a lighter note, Siegfried made me breakfast this morning. That was unexpected, but nice.

Today, I guess we’re trying to figure out our next move. Well, I guess I’m not moving anywhere for the time being.

Yeah oh, and my car was destroyed. Again. They freakin’ blew up my car! Don’t know how I’m going to explain this one to the insurance company.

Siegfried. Psyche.

North wind! this hurts! Bullets coming at me. Jumping out a tenth story window. Stupid. No vest a thousand goddamn bug bites.

Grenade launcher is gorgeous. Should call it Alex. …Doing all this for her. More than I’d do. for anybobdy.


What the hell am I thinking? Nothing with my brain. apparently. …No. More to it than that. She makes me feel better. Worse. Both. About everything. About me.

Shit. I love her.

"Melvin's Journal"

My therapist at the VA told me to do this. She insists that it will help me to get my “thoughts in order” or some bullshit. I told her if I wanted to chronicle things, I’dve been a fucking accountant. Besides, I do enough writing in my goddamned lab! Heh- if she only knew what I’ve actually been up to while my fellow old farts were greasing up with Ben Gay and playing shuffleboard.

Well, here goes:

The shop’s doing well- 4th of July weekend always brings in all those wonderfully patriotic rednecks that live out west looking for more firepower. I finally got to pay off that merc I hired to help me deal with that nest of BCVs in Lake Worth. Trust me, you don’t wanna keep a guy like that waiting for his payment. I don’t think even those high-ups in Edinburgh could do shit about a bullet they didn’t see coming. That’s no way to go-no time to even let loose a death curse. Lucky for me, this Ziggy guy was willing to take part of his payment in “store credit”.
This may be the beginnings of a nice business arrangement.

I’ve also had some dealings with a WCV girl from the local “Family”. She’s not so bad, for a succubus. In fact, her spunky nature reminds me a lot of my Abby. I feel sorry for her.
(well, how about that shit? – that didn’t quite hit me until I wrote it down. Maybe my therapist isn’t so full of shit after all…)

Donnie’s finally getting the hang of running the place without me being there. I frankly don’t know why he puts up having a crabby fuck like me as a boss; he’s either a glutton for punishment, or he’s got a lot more character than I give him credit for. He’s a good kid.

The Green Jeep is not doing so well- that’s partly my fault, and partly the fault of that Ranger from Johnathan Dickinson. I should remember to ask him if he knows some good fishing spots.

The job is, well, the job. The “forces of darkness” have yet to back off the local population, although there seems to be some serious shit cropping up in my backyard as of late. Shit I’ve only heard of until recently.

Well, I didn’t watch my fellow mortals die face-down in the ectoplasm to let them win now.

(I guess I’m supposed to do this “every once in a while”, but we’ll see how that goes. God- I hope nobody ever finds this shit)


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