Alertness: Avoiding Surprise, Combat Initiative, Passive Awareness

Athletics: Climbing, Dodging, Falling, Jumping, Sprinting, Other Physical Actions

Burglary: Casing, Infiltration, Lockpicking

Contacts: Gathering Information, Getting the Tip-Off, Knowing People, Rumors

Conviction: Acts of Faith, Mental Fortitude

Craftsmanship: Breaking, Building, Fixing

Deceit: Cat and Mouse, Disguise, Distraction and Misdirection, False Face Forward, Falsehood and Deception

Discipline: Concentration, Emotional Control, Mental Defense

Driving: Chases, One Hand on the Wheel, Other Vehicles, Street Knowledge and Navigation

Empathy: Reading People, A Shoulder to Cry On, Social Defense, Social Initiative

Endurance: Long-Term Action, Physical Fortitude

Fists: Brawling, Close-Combat Defense

Guns: Aiming, Gun Knowledge, Gunplay, Other Projectile Weapons

Intimidation: The Brush-Off, Interrogation, Provocation, Social Attacks, Threats

Investigation: Eavesdropping, Examination, Surveillance

Lore: Arcane Research, Common Ritual, Mystic Perception

Might: Breaking Things, Exerting Force, Lifting Things, Wrestling

Performance: Art Appreciation, Composition, Creative Communication, Playing to an Audience

Presence: Charisma, Command, Reputation, Social Fortitude

Rapport: Chit-Chat, Closing Down, First Impressions, Opening Up, Social Defense

Resources: Buying Things, Equipment, Lifestyle, Money Talks, Workspaces

Scholarship: Answers, Computer Use, Declaring Minor Details, Exposition and Knowledge Dumping, Languages, Medical Attention, Research and Lab Work

Stealth: Ambush, Hiding, Shadowing, Skulking

Survival: Animal Handling, Camouflage, Riding, Scavenging, Tracking

Weapons: Melee Combat, Melee Defense, Distance Weaponry, Weapon Knowledge


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