The Sight

The game procedure to open your third eye is as follows:

1. Take an action to open the Sight and get the description of what you’re Seeing.
Opening the third eye to use the Sight takes a full action, after which you may behold the target of your arcane curiosity

2. Make an assessment action to try to learn about what you’re Seeing.
Once the intensity is determined, you make a Lore roll against the intensity to make sense of what you’re Seeing

3. Defend against the mental strain of using the Sight.
Each exchange you have the Sight open, the GM makes a mental attack roll against you, using the intensity of what you’re Seeing as if it were a skill. You defend with Discipline.

4. Close the Sight (if you can) before you suffer too much of that strain.
After your first defense that succeeds, you may choose whether you want to close your third eye or keep it open to learn more. Should your defense not succeed, however, your third eye will not close and you must continue for another exchange.

The Sight

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