The White Council

White councilThe White Council, is comprised of wizards from all mortal nations, is a signatory of the Unseelie Accords and serves as the “supernatural nation” for all mortal wizardkind. The Senior Council (its governing body) ensures that most wizards in the world respect the Laws of Magic—and disposes of the ones who don’t (via its Wardens).

It maintains alliances with other occult groups like the Venatori Umbrorum, The Fellowship of St. Giles, and a few mystically inclined monasteries in Tibet and India.

Most wizards worthy of the name have come up through the traditional system: apprenticing with a White Council member, passing the trials of wizardry, and joining the Council themselves as full members.

A White Council member gets a vote in important deliberations and agrees to abide by the Council’s rules (including the Laws of Magic). A member is obliged to represent the White Council, if necessary.

Latin is spoken in White Council conclaves. All members attending a full meeting of the Council wear a robe with a stole that denotes their rank (no stole for apprentices, blue for junior wizards, red for senior ones, purple for Senior Council members).

The White Council is governed by the Senior Council: seven wizards of age, skill, power, and knowledge. The leader of the Senior Council (and thus the entire White Council) is called “the Merlin.” They set policy by majority vote (usually of the entire membership of the White Council, but a Senior Council member can restrict matters to a closed vote of just the Senior Council).

The White Council

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