The Winter Court

Winter court
Description: Fae associated with Winter often have coloration (skin, hair, eyes) that corresponds
to the colors of the winter season—shades of blue, silver, green, or white.

What We Know: The Winter Court (also known as the Unseelie) is associated with winter, death, and ice and snow. It is more pitiless and lacking remorse than Summer and more emotionally cold and ruthless. However, it cannot simply be termed “evil”—faeries are more complex than that.

The Faerie Queens of the Winter Court are:
Mother Winter
Mab (Winter Queen)
Maeve (Winter Lady)
The Winter Knight is Lloyd Slate.

Powers: Vary wildly by type. Winter is usually stronger during the night and during the winter season.

Weaknesses: Summer fire is dangerous and painful to members of the Winter Court.

The Winter Court

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