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Alex's Diary 5

Music: Evanescence

So, it’s been about four months since the duel and Harper’s passing, and things have actually been kinda quiet. Until today, when once again the proverbial crap hit the fan.

First of all, there’s a new warden in town. I guess he’s supposed to fill Harper’s position, but of course no one could ever replace him. His name’s Cyril Stafford, from England. Angel insisted on meeting him at the train station today to introduce ourselves. I don’t think Siegfried and Murdock were too thrilled about meeting Harper’s “replacement.” I know I wasn’t. But the meeting was pretty civil, until guess who shows up. My father, Giovanni DeLicci. He personally invited us to a ball at his estate taking place tonight. I refused, of course. I despise going there. The others are going, and Angel even enlisted Siegfried as her bodyguard for the event. I think she’s getting too friendly with him. I caught her tempting him as they were getting dressed for the ball. I swear I’ll kill her if she tries that again. . . . .

I’m getting tired of these jobs she’s having me do also. Today, Murdock and I went talk to a guy that had been bothering one the girls at the Arctic club. When we got to his house, no one was home but there were three dead bodies in the bedroom and blood all over the room with some strange symbols. More weird stuff, big surprise. Tonight, I’m tasked with breaking into a “bank” that father uses as a front for his business. Just hope it goes better than the last time I broke into a building for Angel. With any luck, no one will try to kill me this time.

And speaking of people that might want me dead: I got a visit from Suki this morning. Yeah, a dangerous, manipulative, scary fairy chick was in my house. She demanded that I stay away from Siegfried. Way too possessive. She did, however, make me a pretty tempting offer. She offered me the one thing I want more than anything in this world: to be human. Suki promised that if I never see Siegfried again, she could cure me of my vampirism. I’m still not sure if I’d take her up on the offer. I don’t even know if she can really do that. Give up seeing Siegfried to be human? Not sure if I want to give him up. . . . .

Well, I gotta get ready to break into a bank. Guess I should return Justin’s call also.

“Screaming, deceiving and bleeding for you, and you still won’t hear me.”



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