Siegfried Jotunsen

Frost Giant Merc


High Concept:
Modern-Day Berzerk Merc


Other Aspects:
My Faerie Lady
With Friends Like These…
Former Frost Giant Changeling
Head of Security at The Arctic

Temporary Aspects
Knows Alex’s Secret Lineage

(5) Superb – Guns, Fists
(4) Great – Might, Intimidation
(3) Good – Alertness, Discipline
(2) Fair – Contacts, Resources, Athletics
(1) Average – Endurance, Presence, Conviction, Drive, Investigation



Siegfried was a member of the wealthy and rather eccentric Jotunsen clan, who seem to consider war the family business, but he has recently severed ties with them and made the Choice to be a pure mortal after Harper’s death. He is Danish by nationality, though his extensive globe-trotting has left his accent a mere undertone to his speech. The transformation from half-giant to mortal was not particularly dramatic, but it deprived him of the signature Jotunsen white hair. His hair is now a warm shade of golden blonde.

Nearly every Jotunsen known to Interpol is a soldier of some stripe or another – although his cousin Adelheid is a renowned fencing champion – and Siegfried is not an exception. He has toured in Germany’s Federal Defense Force, the French Foreign Legion, and several Private Military Contractors including Blackwater International.

Siegfried Jotunsen

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